Moving Forward with Aquaponics!

After more than two years, the hydroponic vertical grow walls at the Bingen Food Bank are about to undergo some significant – and exciting – changes. Originally, WAGAP used grant funding to help a volunteer create a living L-shaped unit in the Food Bank lobby. Clients were able to watch live greens growing in a closed indoor hydroponic system designed by Oma Richmond of White Salmon.   

As with any living system, there was a rather steep learning curve, yet countless heads of lettuce and bundles of basil have been offered to clients over many months. The need for ongoing care and adjustments to the current system has inspired Ms. Richmond to request support to upgrade the operation from strictly hydroponic to an aquaponic arrangement, adding a beautiful aquarium stocked with goldfish. The goldfish will fertilize the water as it passes up and down the vertical towers, feeding the plant roots as they dangle inside the pocketed growing pipes, helping to create a truly sustainable system.

Happily, the Skyline Foundation saw the value in Oma’s effort to provide WAGAP clients with live food year-round and agreed to support this new iteration for up to two years, going forward.

Many thanks to the Skyline Foundation for their vote of confidence in this cutting-edge effort!