WAGAP is a multipurpose human service organization dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities address basic human needs.

Each year, thousands of people turn to WAGAP for short-term assistance and long-term solutions to help them take control of their lives and their futures.

Programs offering Nutrition Assistance, Emergency Housing, Domestic Violence Prevention, Care Coordination, Home Energy Assistance and much more assure that WAGAP is meeting the promise of Community Action.

Our Mission

Strengthening community by inspiring hope and helping people help themselves.

Leslie Naramore WGAP Executive Director
“I am so proud of my Agency and our Community who embrace the work that we do. Community Action can be a nebulous thing – sometimes it’s hard to know if our work is truly having an impact.

However, I don’t have to look far for proof: I see it in the faces of my staff who come to work with new determination each day, in the face of the single mother who has renewed hope after receiving a gas voucher to get to work, in the face of the elderly gentleman who just got word that he qualified for Energy Assistance and doesn’t have to worry about his electricity getting shut off in the cold winter months, in the face of the kid at the Youth Center who got to eat a warm dinner with friends.

These faces keep me going and remind me why we do the work that we do. We are making a difference.

Leslie Naramore, WAGAP Executive Director

Achievements we’re proud of



After more than two years, the hydroponic vertical grow walls at the Bingen Food Bank are about to undergo some exciting changes… Read More

Fruta Del Fuego

A film by Bruce Bradbury in collaboration with Story Gorge LLC

On October 18, 2017, the Underwood Fruit Company pear packing plant in Bingen, WA caught fire, causing over 200 employees to lose their jobs. WAGAP, the primary resource of support services for workers and their families, was able to use funds raised by community members to pay utilities, rent, medical bills and other household needs.